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New FONPA members trained to better negotiate cotton prices

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The Cotton and Oilseeds Institute of Mozambique (IAOM, IP), through its Market Promotion and Value Addition Services, trained the members of the National Forum of Cotton Producers (FONPA) on May 5, 2022, in the city of Nampula.

The focus of the training was to provide FONPA members with knowledge of the dynamics of the international cotton market, as well as the mechanisms for setting the minimum price for seed cotton, in order to improve their ability to negotiate the price with development companies.

 The contents of the training were defined according to the priorities identified by the producers and covered topics such as (i) calculating the price of seed cotton using a formula (ii) a platform for collecting and analyzing international market information and (iii) procedures for analyzing fiber purchase and sale contracts.

The training ended with a commitment from FONPA to continue monitoring the dynamics of international prices and to disseminate the information to other cotton producers and IAOM, IP to continue the cycle of training in these matters.

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