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  Hiring staff at the Instituto do Algodão e Oleaginosas de Moçambique, IP February 21, 2024   Download
  Call for tenders no. 35A001641/IAOM/CP/12/2023 19 June, 2023   Download
  Tender announcement 2023 4 April, 2023   Download
  Availability of New Areas to Promote Cotton Growing 18 July, 2022   Download
  Contracting Document Translation and Interpreting Services and Catering Services for IAOM Events 31 May, 2022   Download
  Hiring Catering Services, Tent Rental and Ornamentation 24 April, 2022   Download
Competition title Date Download
  Notice of Award 14 June, 2022   Download
  Notice of Award July 30, 2021   Download