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XV SEACF: Perspectives for introducing organic cotton production in Mozambique

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Mozambique hosted the XV Cotton Forum of Eastern and Southern Africa (SEACF) from 29 June to 1 July this year, under the slogan: "Prospects for Organic Cotton in Africa" . This event brought together in Maputo City research institutions, public institutions, cotton companies and cotton producers from Southern and Eastern African countries as well as experts from other parts of the world.

For IAOM, IP, holding this event is part of the sub-sector's strategy to make the value chain increasingly competitive, sustainable, and aligned with the need to seek solutions that respond to current challenges and market dynamics.

The XV Session of SEACF touched on strategic and operational aspects of organic cotton production and certification, the socio-economic importance for Africa, income improvement for family farmers, sustainability and proposed steps for further promotion in Africa and introduction in Mozambique. The discussions in the session were based on the experiences of organic cotton producing countries and experts in the field.

The event also allowed the dissemination of the opportunities and potentialities of the cotton sub-sector in Mozambique to attract new investments along the cotton value chain and to strengthen relations with the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), for the continuity of technical collaboration actions to improve the sub-sector's interventions in Mozambique.

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