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The actors in the cotton sub-sector committed to the MECHANISM of cotton price stabilization  

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In the context of the operationalization of the Seed Cotton Price Stabilization Mechanism approved by Decree 25/2022 of June 3, 2022, on June 30, 2022 the National Forum of Cotton Producers (FONPA) and the Cotton Association of Mozambique (AAM) signed a contract for the implementation of this Mechanism. The contract was signed by the President of FONPA, Beninson Simoco and the President of AAM Francisco Ferreira dos Santos, with the testimony of IAOM, IP and other stakeholders.

The signing of this contract marks the beginning of the implementation of the Price Stabilization Mechanism, which is an instrument that aims to ensure the stabilization of the producer price of seed cotton between the various agricultural campaigns, in order to reduce production volatility and promote the stability of the sub-sector, the value chain and all its stakeholders.

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