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Regional Initiative for Strengthening the Cotton Sector in the Lower Shire and Zambezi Basins

I. Background

The first phase of the Regional initiative to strengthen the cotton sector in the basins of the lower Shire Zambezi(Cotton Shire - Zambezi) was implemented between the years 2015 and 2020, in partnership with the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), in the provinces of Manica and Tete. This was a regional initiative that, in addition to Mozambique, benefited Malawi.

As a result of the positive impacts of the first phase of this initiative, the implementing entities (Brazil, Mozambique, and Malawi) agreed to extend the initiative for another 4 years.

The Initiative's main objectives are:

  1. The transfer of cotton technologies;
  2. Training of technicians and producers in good cotton production practices;
  3. Strengthening the cotton seed system; and
  4. Establishment of infrastructure (Training rooms, dormitories, and multifunctional laboratories) for the project.

II. Implementation and target group

The initiative is being implemented in the provinces of Manica (Guro and Bárue districts,) and Tete (Cahora Bassa, Magoe and Moatize districts), benefiting 2 thousand cotton producers.

III. Actions Developed and in progress

  1. Cotton seed production standards elaborated;
  2. Technology demonstration and seed production fields established;
  3.  Purchased equipment, machinery, and other materials for the establishment of the Cotton Technology Transfer Center;  
  4. Technical assistance was provided to cotton producers, resulting in the increase of the average seed cotton yield from 550 kg/ha to 1,600 kg/ha;
  5. Trained technicians from the sector in subjects about the cotton production chain with emphasis on seed production and pest management and control.