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IAOM, IP publishes rules and procedures governing the Oilseeds Value Chain

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On March 22, 2023, in the city of Beira, IAOM, IP brought together players in the oilseed value chain to publicize the new rules and procedures for the promotion, production, marketing, transport, storage, primary processing, import and export of oilseeds. In addition to these rules and procedures, the event held a consultation on the proposed mechanism for setting the minimum price for oilseeds (soy, sesame and sunflower).

On the occasion, Her Excellency Stella Zeca, Secretary of State in Sofala province, highlighted the importance of the recent approval of the Regulation for Oilseed Crops, as an instrument that will promote a favorable environment for the inclusive and sustainable development of the oilseed value chain. On the same occasion, among other things, he emphasized the need for greater attention to be paid to the mechanism for determining the price of oilseeds, bearing in mind that only with a fair price would it be possible to obtain greater profitability for the players and guarantee the stability of the oilseed value chain.

For the IAOM, IP, this event, as well as allowing the Regulation for Oilseed Crops and the mechanisms for its implementation to be publicized, promoted interaction between the various players on the main challenges and prospects for the development of the oilseed value chain.

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