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World Cotton Day - Cotton for Well-Being

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Under the motto "Cotton for well-being" World Cotton Day is celebrated today, 07 October. This date was instituted globally in 2019 to highlight the importance of cotton as the world's most important natural fiber, its multiple uses in the industry and its socio-economic contribution to improving the quality of life of producers and all stakeholders in the value chain.

To celebrate this date, in the current year 2022, the IAOM, IP, promoted throughout the cotton week, lectures and moments of interaction with university students of agronomy and agricultural sciences as well as high school seniors, from the provinces of Niassa, Nampula, Sofala, Manica and Maputo City, taking into account the high potential that this target group presents for the development of the agricultural sector and this value chain in particular.

These interaction sessions made it possible to share and collect information about the potentials, opportunities, challenges, and perspectives of the sector, as well as to stimulate reflection with a view to making the cotton value chain increasingly prosperous and sustainable.

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